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A 4-week festival of play, puzzles, and getting outside

June 2024 | CHICAGO


Every week your team will receive a bingo card of challenges that will get your outside and in your city in new ways


Compete with a team of 2-5 friends to complete at many challenges as creatively as possible - then celebrate with all the teams at the Club Festival 


Plan a date with Lake Michigan 
Make an altar to the season 

Go to where the funnel cake lies

Complete challenges to earn points and win


Sign up to join the June 2024 Festival


  • What do I get for joining the club?
    Leave the House Club is the excuse you need to do more weird shit with your friends -- every week you and your team will get a bingo card of challenges to complete that week and compete for points with all the other club teams You'll get fun, play, and a reason to leave the house
  • Does it cost anything to join?
    Entry for each festival is $20 per team -- this just covers basic hosting costs All challenges are designed to be financially accessible to all
  • What happens if I don't complete the challenges?
    You'll be missing out -- but it's all good bestie. This is a club for fun and we design challenges to be accessible for busy schedules
  • How does a team win the challenge?
    While we believe all players are winners in the leaving the house game -- we do award points to teams based on things like: creativity, number of completed challenges, how many people participate, and ~extra secret hidden points ~ that we'll sprinkle throughout the challenge period
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